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Domain has expired

  1. I have just logged onto our website to find that the domain name expired without me realising it. I believe the reminder emails were sent to an admin who no longer works for our company. How to I reactivate the domain?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. Hi There,

    I have sent a private email to the current owner of the domain-mapping. If they confirm the transfer I'll gladly move it to your account which will allow you to renew the mapping.


  4. Thank you. I think the problem may be that the owner of domain-mapping no longer works in the office, and the email address is not accessible anymore. Are you able to send it to another admin of the site (such as myself)?

  5. Sorry, I replied with a different login. Thought I should re-post to avoid confusion. see above regarding the owner of domain-mapping.

  6. @bdukes- I'm a little fuzzy on this. Why does an upgrade need to be transferred if it's expired? Can't upgrades be purchased by another Admin on the same site?

    I believe the reminder emails were sent to an admin who no longer works for our company.

    @wglhendry- If that Admin registered the site on and then left without transferring ownership of the site to someone else in your company, you have a larger problem than just an upgrade renewal. Sites on are owned by whoever registered the site. That is's current policy. Perhaps @bdukes could contact you privately to provide the additional proofs showing ownership of the site.

    To that end, I've tagged this thread again for staff assistance. Please be patient while waiting since there is quite a backlog of threads for their attention.

    Also, hopefully your company owns/has access to the domain name itself. If you don't have access to that, no upgrade here will help.

  7. Domain mapping can be purchased (but not renewed) by another Admin - however sometimes the expired mapping needs to be cleared by the Staff before a different Admin can buy domain mapping again

  8. @wglhendry, I have sent you a private email to start the recovery process for your account. Please look for that.

    @JenT I'd be glad to clear that up :) Auxclass is right, before an expired domain can be bought by another admin it must be removed from the account. Like domains, domain mapping has a grace period before the upgrade is removed. If the user is in this grace period it must transferred to a new admin or renewed by the original owner.

  9. @bdukes, what is the Domain Mapping grace period?


  10. @auxclass and @bdukes, thanks for the additional information. In this case, it seems the domain was not registered through WWD so it's not an expired domain issue, but expired domain mapping.

    FWIW-on custom domains registered through WWD, apparently 2 weeks is the grace period before a custom domain goes into redemption. Like auxclass, it certainly would be good to know about the grace period for the domain mapping upgrade as well.

  11. Hello @justjennifer and @captnmike,

    Jen is are correct in this case we are just talking about mapping. When domain mapping expires there is not a grace period in the traditional sense of the word. The mapping expires immediately. However, there is a period of about 30 days or so before it will be removed from that account. In this period only the original owner can transfer/renew it.

    I hope this helps :)

  12. Yes it helps -

    One thing that happens on a sort of regular basis is the mapping was bought by someone that can't be found, left the blog or whatever - so now I can better explain the options to people

    thanks for the update

  13. Bookmarked. Thanks.

  14. Glad to help, of course users can always contact us directly with domain mapping questions so feel free to point them our way :)

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