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  1. forbiddenfruitaustin

    I just updated my wordpress blog with my domain but I am running into an issue!

    [removed-link] - WORKS
    [removed-link] - DOES NOT WORK

    what's the deal? how can I fix this?

  2. I'm guessing you did read the support docs on domain mapping before you did this. When anyone clicks on the antiquainted "www" links they will be seamlessy redirected to the URL without the "www".

  3. forbiddenfruitaustin

    that's how it's supposed to work.. I get that, but if you try to go to [removed link] - it doesn't map properly whereas if you just try to go to [removed-link] - it does work.

  4. It's working for me.

  5. forbiddenfruitaustin

    thanks, i must need to just clear my cache!

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