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  1. aarontroughton

    I have a domain registered with which I would like to use for my blog. I am aware that I can, through, map this domain to my blog for a fee. If I where to go ahead and do this would it mean that I would have to pay my existing domain registrar (gandi) to host the domain name and also pay the fee for the domain mapping? If so is there a way to have manage my domain name so that I am only paying one fee for the domain through

    Many Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress do not accept domain transfers in, so I am afraid you are stuck with two payments.

  3. aarontroughton

    So I would either have to wait until my current domain expires then create a new domain with wordpress? and in the meantime would you suggest mapping anyway?

  4. It can take over 60 days from the time a domain registration expires and it is released back to the wild - your domain name will probably not work during that time and you run the risk of someone else registering your old domain name and holding it ransom -

    You are stuck with two different companies - even if you transferred the domain name here (which you can't) - you would have two separate payments - (domain registration & domain mapping are different upgrades and are not combined into a single payment here)

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