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    I am trying to host a domain name from Then I want to upload a theme from and I am not seeing the option to do so. How do I do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    We do not have FTP access to free hosted blogs and we not able to upload third party themes.

    The only themes you can use on a free hosted blog are those found here > Appearance > Themes and showcased here > We cannot access and edit any templates underlying our themes. Only Staff can edit as every blog wearing the same theme is using the same template.

    Unless you are prepared to pay $500 per month for an Enterprise account or even more for a VIP account, there is no upgrade you can purchase that changes this at WordPress.COM.

    To upload themes you need to hire a web host and set up a WordPress.ORG install.


    hey time thief,

    I m new to this, I purchased a theme from themeforest. I am a basic wordpress user.

    Do I have to upgrade to pro before, I can install the theme? because i can t see the install theme tab.




    There is no way to use that theme on a free hosted blog.
    There is not upgrade you can buy and use it on any blog.
    Either return it for a refund, if stay here at
    Or hire a web host and set up your own install and use it.
    There are no other options.


    oh man :(

    so i have to choose from what ever wordpress “premium” has on offer

    Thanks lesson learnt the expensive way.

    Where can i learn about setting up my own, i heard about FTP?



    Where can i learn about setting up my own

    We don’t help with that. We don’t help with anything to do with WordPress.ORG here at WordPress.COM.


    I thought you were sister companies.

    thanks regardless



    Sister companies – different software – different support issues – the software works different in many ways and here we don’t install anything – the staff take care of that as well as upgrading the software

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