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Domain / IE7 Problem

  1. I am having a strange problem that I've contacted support about, but haven't gotten resolved yet. I was wondering if anyone else was getting the same thing.

    I recently added the domain to my blog, and that's when these problems started.

    I am currently unable to view the top control bar when I view my site, even if I'm logged in. I also do not see the Edit link on my posts and "Login" appears under Meta. I am also unable to edit my posts thru the Dashboard-Manage-Posts option, because they fail to load.

    I have replicated these errors on two different computers, deleted cookies, history, and cache, restarted, and even tried changing themes, but no luck.

    These errors do not occur in Firefox, and do not occur if I change my blog url back to

    This lead me to believe that it is somehow related to IE7 and the domain name. Anyone else have this?

  2. I see the top bar fine without any issue using IE6. Can't verify the other stuff since I'm not a staff member though and there's no way I'm installing IE7 for last another month. (We haven't had the 'big bug' hit yet and be fixed on this version. It's still out there...)

    First thing I would do is clear out your browser's cache and try doing a forced reload of the page to see if anything comes up differently. Please try that.

  3. Thanks for the reply, but I've already tried that. I know it's an issue with IE7, because Firefox works fine.

    Maybe I just need to start using FF all the time, even tho I really like IE7's layout and tabs better.

  4. Turn away from the dark side [she urged] Firefox 2 is a smoking good browser and I'll never go back to using IE on a regular basis.

  5. Feedback sent although I haven't heard a peep out of staff today.

    I don't like tab browing myself since I use teh keyboard more than I use the mouse.

    *peep* *peep* *peep* :)

  6. Me either, but they may have taken the day off to get some Xmas shopping done.

    I know, I know, FF is a great browser, but when you use Windows XP, IE is so integrated into the OS that it's easier to use it.

  7. I heard from Mark once but he didn't reference what he was discussing.

    I also know that there's some major comment spam run occuring. Things may be on hold until that is resolved.

    Mark's also in the UK somewhere. It's after midnight now over there. :)

  8. You would think Microsoft would fix all their problems since IE is the most used browser in the world, I heard. Firefox should do a major campaign promoting their browser more.

  9. Still no reply from tech support. This is highly unusual.

  10. Tech support says they can't duplicate the problem on their machines, which is weird, since I've duplicated it on three different computers.

    Anyway, it seems to be working better now, although still sporadic. Guess I'll have to get used to Firefox. :)

  11. I'm having the exact problem after moving to a domain. If I move my site back to the address, it works fine.

  12. Please clear your browser and DNS caches. I see the top bar fine when I look at your blog.

  13. I still have the issue. It was actually working fine yesterday, but is gone again today.

    When I look at any blog, I have my precious blue nav bar at the top just like I would expect. If I look at a second blog that I created (which has no domain name forwarding), it works just fine too. Only when I am looking at my own blog. It's just a really annoying thing right now for me, as I have to type in my name, email, etc when replying to comments on my blog.

  14. This sounds to me like you need to contact staff directly and ask for their assistance. That is done by using the blue feedback button on the top right hand corner of any blog page.

  15. I still have this problem with IE7 and my domain, too, so I've switched to using Firefox all the time.

    FF works much better with WP anyway.

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