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Domain is pointing to WordPress but no idea what account

  1. I have created an account for my artists groups blog, and a domain has been purchased ( The person that bought the domain has gone in an changed the nameservers to what was provided by WordPress, but I can't map it to our account. It says the domain is not pointing to WordPress, but if you actually type in the web address it actually takes it to a WordPress page, it's just not ours, and we have no idea who's it is.

    It currently says that this is the nameserver;

    We did make the change to:

    How can I go about getting our domain linked to the correct account?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. - was registered Creation Date: 2011-06-16 - and is pointing to a WordPress.ORG install on Dream Host.

    Are you sure you have the spelling correct somewhere??

  3. The spelling is correct.

    So it looks like the person that changed the domain may have did it wrong, it was suppose to be just via wordpress and not hosted seperatly.

    Just to clairify if that IF the nameserver WAS done correctly, it should have been linked to our correct account?

  4. You are just pointing at's servers. You attach it to whatever account/blog you want when you go through the domain mapping process. Up until then, it is just pointing at in general.

  5. Your domain does not get attached to a specific blog here until you purchase and do domain mapping:

  6. It won't let me purchase the mapping.

    I get this message when I try

    "Someone (maybe you?) already registered, but the domain is not pointing to"

  7. The domain name needs to point to the WordPress.COM name servers first - the store can be confusing - make sure you are doing domain mapping and don't have a domain registration mixed in.

  8. OK, thank you for the help. I'll have to try and get that part done again. Perhaps it wasn't done correctly.

    Thank you.

  9. Good luck & you be welcome

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