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Domain Issue with moving to .ORG?

  1. Situation is like this. I have a domain purchased on GoDaddy and have it directing to my blog of wordpress.COM (so the nameservers are NS1.WORDPRESS.COM, etc).

    I plan on moving to .ORG for a few reasons and just found out that I can't access my FTP since the domain is pointing to wordpress and not my hosting account. Is there a way to keep everything up so i can set things up over at .ORG and make the switch without much downtime?

  2. I'm not sure that just buying a domain give you hosting capabilities. Is GoDaddy your hosting provider as well?

    Just asking.

  3. i have a hosting account at ivalue host or whatnot.

  4. There is no "over at .org". provides free software, not hosting.

    Check with your host about setting up a mirrored domain to tinker with before repointing. You might also have to wait 60 days before repointing.

  5. You can access your FTP via IP address until the domain name resolution is propagated.

  6. i never thought of that. i feel stupid for asking such questions. how would i go about doing that. a buddy of mine is gonna make the move for me, but we need access to the ftp and since its directed to wordpress right now, it wont let us.

  7. Remember that with a blog with domain mapping, you have TWO URLs.

    You have blog.whatever, which you paid for. You also have When you make the switchover, it will only affect blog.whatever. will still be here.

  8. @mrshake, you'll need to ask your new host what your IP address is.

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