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    Same issues as posted by raincoaster in the support thread titled “domain management login problems”. I understand that wordpress support is trying to resolve this issue, but I have a question relating to this also.
    Can someone tell me why I need to be able to login to domain administration? I’m a total newbie at this, and can’t find anything anywhere telling me what I might be able to do or accomplish once I am able to log in (other than resetting the password). Obviously we are given this option for a reason, I’d just like to know what that reason is.



    I’m new too and I have that same login problem. If you can’t login to the domain you are unable to put adsense on the blog and unable to upload your own theme. There are alot better themes than the ones provided, they’re availlable for free on the net to download, but its no good unless you can login to the domain management, which I can’t and apperently many others can’t either. I hope this is fixed soon because I have spent some money on all of this and am helpless to do anything.



    You will be unable to put adsense on the blog or upload your own theme anyway if your blog is at As I explained in the other thread, the domain upgrade does not exempt you from the terms of service or the security restrictions on editing themes.


    yes, but any reason why we can’t login to the domain administrator? i’ve tried several times to follow the directions, and it does not seem to work —

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