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Domain management login problem

  1. I am trying to reset my password in the domain management system, as instructed under Options->Domains, but the page just keeps cycling back to the login screen instead of taking me to a place where i can retrieve/reset my password.

    I have tried this with Safari and Firefox with the same results. Is there an issue with that system right now, or is it me?

    Please note: This is not about retrieving/resetting my password.

  2. I have the exact same problem and would like to see it resolved. Anyone got a clue?

  3. OK this is getting kind of annoying. Is anyone else having this problem? I have emailed support and still no reply.

  4. We're trying to escalate the problem with the domain management provider. Unfortunately they're uncommunicative and their password reset function is not something we have any direct control over.

    Sorry about the inconvenience, we'll get it fixed as soon as possible.

  5. Thanks for keeping us updated. I really appreciate it.

  6. This is still not working. Any update from support?

  7. I just joined, bought the domain and having the same login problem. I don't get, I was looking forward to starting this blog and now I'm helpless to use my own theme, put adsense up etc... its starting to bug me considering I've spent money and I'm getting nowhere.

  8. You won't be able to use your own theme or add Adsense unless you buy the VIP upgrade. The domain upgrade is really just URL-related. It doesn't take your blog off, nor does it exempt you from the Terms of Service or security restrictions.

  9. It has been a few days now and this is a little annoying. I hope this gets resolved soon.

  10. I'm with oxpaulo. I am trying to redirect the domain name that I just purchased to the host that I just paid...and nothing. Can't do it. This really bites. And it's been happening for more than just a few days. I read a post like this since last month.

  11. This is still not working. Any update from support?

  12. Hmm perhaps write them a letter or give them a phone call? Could you possibly just get MY password and give it to me? I kind of need it...

  13. We're doing our best to put pressure on them. Unfortunately they're being very unhelpful. If we had a way to intervene we'd do it.

  14. Is there a way that <i>we</i> can contact them?? I paid for a domain name and now I can't even use it. I'm quite disappointed.

  15. One thing you might do is to put a big warning on your site recommending against using your domain service until this is resolved. People are wasting hours on this because they are assuming the system works when it does not.

  16. Well, the page now goes where it's supposed to, but i never receive the email they claim to send when i ask to reset the password (and no, it is not in my spam filter). I have tried 3 times with no luck.

    Is this working for anyone?

  17. If you have a Hotmail that can be a new problem in itself. Hotmail have a monster bug on the loose affecting millions of people who don't get there email...

  18. Did you check judyb12 (nice to see you again :) if they have a contact themselves on their website? After receiving a few unhappy customer requests they might actually do something.


  19. @universal
    It's not Hotmail, thank goodness. It's Apple's .mac mail, which i haven't had any trouble with at all.

    Hi, sweetie ;-) I just opened a support ticket over there. I will wait to see if i get a response...

  20. We received word from Wild West Domains earlier today. They have resolved the issue and the site should be working again.

  21. Just for this one blog? Or all blogs?

  22. The original issue is resolved, but i am still having no luck getting the email that they supposedly send out.

    No response from the support ticket i opened over there on March 12.

  23. Oh, forget it. It's resolved now :-)

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