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Domain Manager manu isn't on my dash board.

  1. Hi There !

    I have bought the domain through wordpress which is . Now I wanna to redirect this domain to another website and on the process of trying this the domain was deleted from my deshboard. How can I get access to my domain manager again ?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You should find it here:


  3. Hi sberkun !

    It isn't there. Am I allowed to upload a screen shot of my dashboard somewhere ?


  4. Does anyone else can help.

    Here is the menu that I am not seen on my dashboard

    What should I do ?


  5. Huh? It's right there on your screenshot. DOMAIN MANAGEMENT is the link you need to click.

  6. Hi raincoaster!! But that menu does not appears on my dashboard. Here is how it happened :
    1. I went through the domain mapping doc to make the adjustments, and I made them
    2. I remembering hitting save and then I went back to my dashboard, to deleted the domain from the domains's list.
    3. when I realized it did not work, and I did not have my domain on the list anymore, I add the domain back to my dashboard, and now I have the domain there listed but I don't have the access to that menu "domain administration"

    What should I do ?


  7. I'm sorry but there are some problems with domain management at this point time that Volunteers answering questions cannot help with. Staff will be able to sort these problems when they return on August 16th and can attend to support tickets. They will need to know:
    (1) what your operating systems is;
    (2) which browsers and version you have tried;
    (3) the results of troubleshooting efforts >
    (4) if your flash is up to date > If it’s not then go to and download and install the latest version of flash;
    (5) how you connect to the internet and to (mobile, dial-up, satellite, DSL, etc.)

    Reference links:

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