Domain mapped to WordPress FAILS

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    I purchased another mapping update for one of my site and the provider 1&1 shows that it has updated early this morning with the 3 ns* name servers. On the WordPress side though, it shows that “DNS needs to be updated!” when I look at my purchase.

    What gives? It’s been more than 8 hours since my request was made.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    The domain seems to be working just fine.

    When a domain is registered or altered, there is a process called propagation, where information about the domain name is passed to internet service providers all over the world. This process can take up to 72 hours (though usually much less). During that time, you may also receive a warning message in your browser about “redirect errors”. Unfortunately, we have no control over this as it all depends on how often your internet service provider updates their records. Please rest assured that everything is proceeding normally with your domain.



    Thanks for your answer but that does not give me warm feelings. 12 hours after the changes in DNS, WordPress still shows that DNS has not taken on this side.

    Then, when I type the URL goes to WordPress but at the wrong address. It shows this in the URL address:, where the subdomain is reversed.

    When you type instead, then it goes to the correct WordPress site which is

    This tells me that there is something wrong in your DNS list. So how does this get fixed?



    @jeanfeuillet: sorry about the confusion. You have updated the nameservers to point to, which is the first step. Now, you actually need to purchase a domain mapping upgrade, to map your domain to your site You can do this by going to Store > Domains in your dashboard, typing “” into “Add a domain” box, then following the prompts to purchase the $13 upgrade.



    Thanks Jenia. I did cancel and purchase a domain. And now, all works fine.



    Great, thank you for letting me know!

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