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Domain Mapping?

  1. I'm currently a TypePad subscriber, but I'm thinking of switching over and would like to use my own domains, but I don't mind forwarding them instead, as long as remains free. But if getting features like domain mapping, multiple blogs, etc. ends up as part of a "premium" subscription, I'd be willing to pay a reasonable fee.

    (if this belongs in the suggestions forum, I can put it there, but I wasn't sure if maybe there was already a way to map domains)

  2. Domain mapping is a feature that is planned but no timetable has been announced.

    You can browse thru the FAQ's for other notices.

  3. There is a forums article discussing this here. I'm now looking for details of were to point a subdomain for this to work. I can't find a faq.

  4. Details of the new feature can be found here, this costs $10 per year.

  5. There's no FAQ yet as staff appears to still be working through some issues, like subdomains.

  6. There are no known issues with subdomains.

  7. Then can we have a FAQ on how to do it, please? :)

  8. Yes, please. Information on getting this set up is really sparse.

  9. I think I get it, but do I have to buy 10 credits for each domain or is it just a feature that is turned-on.

    I have domains for my full name and short name, both should go to the same address.

    I am only pointing sub-domains


  10. From the Upgrades page once you put in a domain:

    Domain mapping is available for 10 credits per domain per year, registration not included.

    Hope this helps,

  11. Deleted multi posts.

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