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Domain Mapping?

  1. I know that this is not currently available. But I also know that it is going to be one of the first paid features. Any word on an ETA?

  2. Afraid not. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and suggest that they start thinking more about this feature. I know they were working on in a few months ago.

  3. The mechanisms are already in place (a couple of the developers are hosting blogs here with different URLs) but ever since they got funding all talk of paid features has gone very quiet.

  4. You noticed that as well, huh? ;)

  5. A rat fink slime bag bastard bought my domain name but then cancelled his site I guess because now it won't go through but yesterday it did:

    And I did search before I picked my name if anyone had bought, org, net, etc.

  6. Is this a spam site? They're the ones that bought my domain name:

  7. Actually I see as available.

  8. So why would they pay for it then? :(

  9. Looks like someone bought it but then let it lapse. If you wanted it, I would pick it up now so as not to let someone buy it.

  10. I'm still afraid of the WhoIs. I know we can go to certain places that will keep it private but isn't there talk of the laws changing for this and everyone's WhoIs would be made public by law? But then I would have to buy .com, .org, .net, and also as nosy_snoop, nosy-snoop, also with all of them as .com, .org, .net. OY!

  11. Buy the domain with your real info so it will pass any credit card check and then go back and edit it with garbage crud.

    I wouldn't go anywhere that charges $35 a year. I'd stick with a $7 or $8 a year place. Yes, there are cheaper places even but usually your trading off customer service.

  12. noseysnooper:

    You can go to this site to see if your domain is taken:

    Enter the url: into the WHOIS/IP WHOIS Lookup, and find out who owns it, or if it's owned.

    [removed spammer links - drmike]

    Good luck, I'm still looking for answers to my questions. It's so hard being a bastard without knowing how to push the right buttons! Grrr Arggg.

    Computer Bastard
    At your service!

  13. BD, do you not see the link provided up above to dnsstuff? Nor any of the other posts?

  14. I have my domain name, I bought it from yahoo for only $2 US I believe. It was very simple.

  15. They're listing as $9.95 now. Knowing what their customer service is like and how they're prospam, I can't recommend them.

    We'rre getting off topic though.

  16. Not sure how you're getting that but I'm still showing it as available.

  17. I posted a comment to the thread above and it did not show up. Is it moderated?

  18. Don't see in in the list of the last 30 moderated.

  19. Going back to the subject:

    Looks like it's in testing:

    TT, I hope you see this. :)


  20. Aww, nuts! Are you saying that 30 people have responded to that post already?

  21. No, 30 is today's date. The comments are still empty.

  22. I posted there twice. How do we leave a comment? I already changed the DNS entry.

  23. Oh, to Matt's post. Sorry about that. Those are moderated. I was thinking you meant in this thread.

    Sorry about that. :)

    The 30 moderated statement was from here in the forums.

  24. Okay, so how will people know that the first 8 have been selected and they should stop posting?

  25. Not a clue actually. I'm sure Matt will come back and activiate the comments though after a while.

  26. drmike - yep! I saw the "testing". Lots of that going on these days it seems. Too bad the comments box isn't working what with all those folks panting and salivating with their fingers poised on their mouses or is that mice? lol

  27. Man, I'm pretty bummed out that I was the 50th person to post. I really wanted the domain mapping, and free is my favorie price. Hopefully it won't be too expensive when available.

  28. About the Domain Mapping beta... I was one of the lucky early ones, and I now have Domain Mapping under Options. However, it's on the wrong WordPress blog, of the two I have, nott to the blog I requested it be mapped to. Do you know how I can switch it to the other one? (I've already tried changing the "primary blog" setting.)

    (No rush - it's not yet "live", I won't make the final DNA changes until I can export the data from my self-maintained WordPress installation, which will only be possible with WP 2.1, it seems.)

    Thanks - brian t

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