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Domain Mapping

  1. Own a domain that I want mapped to my blog...

    Changed the name servers to:

    The domain

    DNS Stuff - does show wordpress, but the domian I own still does not appear under Options, Domains, Add Domain. Am I being impatient, or have I missed something?


  2. Did you pickup the domain mapping upgrade for the domain that you want? That may be the issue. (I don't have backend access to check for you to tell.)

  3. thanks drmike - i think i did! lol

    i paid $10 under Options, Domains, Add Domain...

    did i miss something - thanks

  4. Send a Support in with all the details and I'll get the fixed for you.

  5. Should be showing up. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and ask about it if it still isn't.

  6. okay, sent in a Support - thanks to both of you

  7. Not a problem. :)

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