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Domain Mapping

  1. Hi, I just purchased a domain name from a provider and have mapped it in wordpress (paid $10). After some time, I was able to access my blog through the new domain. But now it says "SERVER NOT FOUND". What is the problem?

  2. Depends. What's the domain?

  3. [domain removed - drmike].. thanks.

  4. is this problem temporary? is there something wrong with WS right now? Please help..

  5. The people answering questions on the forum are volunteers with no back end access. You might want to send feedback to staff (the button is in the upper right corner of your dashboard). Make sure you give them as much detail as possible.

  6. thank you judyb12.. im new at wordpress and am still beginning to set up this blog.

  7. Um, no. Feedback is not necessary. It's not a wordpress issue. [domain removed - drmike] is not registered. Not sure which provider you used but it's not showing as being bought and is still available.

    We need to stop sending folks to the feedback option unless there's a specific reason to do so.

  8. WTF. I have to settle this with the registrar then. Thanks for the help.

  9. @drmike:
    I sent this poster to feedback, because he seemed to think that the people on the forum are staff. It's my understanding that wordpress support considers an inaccessible blog to be pretty high on the list of priorities, and i thought they might be able to help him more than us.


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