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Domain Mapping?

  1. That's DNS, not DNA. Too much CSI...

  2. Did you send a feedback?

  3. Yes, but that might not be the correct way to deal with something like this. The feedback form says "we might not respond", which tells me it's not a support channel as such...

  4. In this case it is since it's a backend issue. I had the same issue with the CSS editor on the wrong blog and that's how I got it fixed. (Still haven't used it though...)

  5. Sorted - I found the new "Support" link, and Matt kindly did the necessary, and Domain Mapping is working great so far. Yay!

  6. I see that did get picked up by a spammer.

    Nosy, are you ever going to register a domain? Just wondering. I'm looking for a reason to run through the gifting credits process and thought of you. :)

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