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    I’m looking at mapping a domain I own to the wordpress version. I’ve read the instructions but one important aspect is not clear. If my site is and the wordpress version is

    What I understand: a person who enters the address will be automatically redirected to

    What I don’t get: will the address in the browser remain or will it change to the wordpress one?

    This is critical as the point of doing this is to remove the “wordpress” part of the address. Otherwise I could just redirect my site. I’m also wondering how this will effect searches and search engine rankings. Any help would be much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    1. The reason we purchase domain mapping from the sub-domain root blog where the content is to the domain URL is so visitors who click on the original sub-domain root blog URLs in search engine results or anywhere else those URLs appear on the internet, they experience a seamless redirect to the same content under the domain URLs.

    2. Page rank and authority in the niche are not transferable. The original sub-domain URLs earned them and to those original URLs the page rank and authority where they remain. However, after 3 – 4 months the search engines will have re-indexed the content under the domain URLs and all things considered the same page rank and authority will be assigned to the content.

    2. What you visitors will see in their upper browser bar with domain mapping in place is the domain URLs. What you will see on your dashboard in the blog in your upper browser bar is the sub-domain URLs. That’s normal.


    Thank you. It seems a little different from what I’m trying to do.

    Could you please explain how the wordpress site can become my main site that is redirected to from the orignal domain (e.g. AND retains the original domain name.

    What I mean is, I have a domain name already but I really like the wordpress site I’m developing so I want it to use it as the main site and retain the domain name.

    Thanks for your patience!



    Yes that’s what I was originally reading and wanting to do.

    So just to double check, if a user typed in , that name would remain in the browser and the site would load?



    The URLs you as the blog owner will see on the Admin side of the blog (dashboard) in your upper browser bar will be the original sub-domain URLs. That’s normal.

    Try this please so we can get out of this circular loop. This is the subdomain URL for my blog. http://onecoolsite.wordpress.comclick it. Then look at the upper browser bar and notice the URL will automatically seamlessly redirect you to my domain

    Any visitor you clicks any original subdomain URL for any post or page in my blog wheresoever that link may appear in the internet sill be seamlessly redirected to the same content under the domain URL.

    What I see in the Admin section of my blog when I am logged in to my blog in my upper browser bar is the original subdomain URLs. That’s normal.


    Thank you. Happy Xmas and New Year.



    You’re welcome. Happy holidays and best wishes with your blog. :)



    Can you pay support, to redirect an existing domain name to wordpress?
    I have a dot com now.




    Hi Timethief,

    I have the site up and running thanks. Unfortunately my info@ email is no longer working. I’ve read the support forums and also contacted the hosting people who couldn’t seem to help. Could you please let me know how I can change the custom DNS recors (if this is the right thing to do!) to make my old info@ email go to the new one. Thank you.


    Here is a link to the support document on using Google Apps to set up your email address: .

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