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    I purchased the domain and intended on mapping my WordPress blog ( to that location. I purchased the domain mapping upgrade and followed WordPress’s directions on domain mapping (changed the dns on the hosting site to the WordPress one). Since then when I go to the intended url it does not redirect me to the WordPress blog but rather notifies me that the domain has recently been purchased.

    To make matters more interesting, if I visit on my iphone it correctly directs me to the the WordPress blog. Yet for some reason doesn’t do this on a pc…

    I am pretty sure domain mapping is what I am looking to do, not domain forwarding as that would make the url display the digitalhandprint.wordpress if forwarded.

    Thank you for any help

    The blog I need help with is



    same problem here..



    @pelmore13 – maps fine for me –

    Patience Grasshopper – it can take 24 to 72 hours for the changes to reach the far corners of the internet – you can also have local cache issues with your ISP and local routers.



    PS – yes domain mapping is what you want to do



    @auxclass thank you for the info and letting me know that it maps fine. I will give it a few days to catchup.



    Please post an active link to the blog in question.
    Also confirm what the domain URL is for the domain name you purchased and whether or not you completed the transavtion ot purchase it.
    Are you sure that you followed through with all these steps?
    Maybe you failed to complete step 5 ie Update Primary Domain.

    5. To activate your new domain, select the button next to the one you wish to activate and click Update Primary Domain. Your blog will be accessible from both of these domains; the Primary Domain is what actually appears as your domain within the address bar of web browsers. If you do not see your blog at the new domain immediately, please allow some time for the DNS changes to propagate.



    My issue turned out to be due to the DNS refresh rate. Since I had previously visited the domain prior to mapping it to my wordpress blog, that condition was cached. So after completing the domain mapping step, instead of seeing my blog I ended up seeing the previously cached website. Depending on how often your ISP refreshes their DNS it can take 24-72+ hours for the cache to be cleared.

    An alternative (if you don’t want to wait) is to manually refresh your DNS settings. This can be done through the command prompt.

    Open up command prompt (type cmd in the start menu or into Run) and then enter:
    ipconfig /flushdns

    This should resolve the issue, if it still isn’t working, you can also reset your browser’s cache.

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