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    I own my domain and want to map it here to create my site, but will it show as the domain or the I want it to just show as the

    The blog I need help with is



    Thank you for that link, I read all that. I must admit I’m not tech savy and it doesn’t answer my question in terms of me understanding. What I’m needing to know is if I map over my domain that I own will it publish as or


    I have an existing e-mail address which i wanted to use for my blog but it ends in Is it possible to use this or will i need to change it to .com?



    as or

    Your visitor will see – same for links to your site



    ends in

    You can map that domain to a blog here at WordPress.COM

    You will need to have your email hosted not at WordPress.COM if you want to use that domain for email – Google and others can host the email for you – not sure of the cost – your domain registrar can probably also host the email – it does take some special configuration to make the email work



    thank you auxclass,

    I did the mapping yesterday, but when i went to add a wordpress theme to the mapped site there was no dashboard and when i would select the mapped site it would pull up the other site i created. I really don’t think the mapping is what I’m looking for. I purchased a domain name with Weebly but the site is limited in themes and I want to bring over that domain to WordPress and no longer have the Weebly site. I thought that a purchased domain name came be taken to any web host???? I guess my mistake was to purchase on Weebly and not GoDaddy!



    No Domain Mapping Found

    There is no domain mapping upgrade for If you would like to use this domain you will first need to set up domain mapping.

    Did you follow these instructions?

    What do you see at Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades?

    Were you charged for domain mapping?

    I will flag this for the staff to review your account in case you were charged but did not receive an upgrade



    Hi there,

    You can definitely use your weebly domain with your site. Setting this up takes two steps:

    1. You must point the name servers for your domain to
    2. You must purchase the domain mapping upgrade

    It can take up to 72 hours for the domain mapping to show after you have completed these two steps.

    I see you recently returned the Domain Mapping Upgrade. Did you still want to use this domain with your site?


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