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    Hiya people, I apologize in advance if I ask a nooby question :)

    I recently bought a domain hosted by, however, I need to pay another 10 credits to WordPress in order to map it.

    Why? Isn’t it possible to simply redirect the domain to whatever url I want, all from my domain’s options, without getting involved with WP?

    Thanks to anyone who replies :D



    I don’t think it works like that. Your blog will still be at your WP address, it’s just that it’s automatically redirected to your domain… so it needs to be recognised within WP for it to work (pointing the DNS to WP and using the redirect). You could possibly do it the other way, redirect to instead – but that would be kind of pointless. :)



    You have two options when it comes to domains and

    One you simply have your domain forward to wordpress ( forwarded your visitors to It’s a rather crude option, and for instance if they wanted to visit your about page ( they’d still just be forwarded to

    But if you don’t want the user to ever see in the domain you gotta pay the credits.



    It is pretty much the same thing as domain mapping on any hosting service. Sometimes it is included with your hosting, but often you have to pay to have a domain mapped and that is what does. Just paying for the domain gets you the right to use that name, but doesn’t give you the hosting option as that is seperate.



    Alright, thank you all for your responses, I think I’m gonna map it. As cjwriter said, redirectign to instead of vice versa is pretty pointless :)

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