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domain mapping

  1. I own the domain name, and I forwarded that domain (masking turned on) <b>from</b> the website of the company that I bought it from <b>to</b>, my current wordpress address. Is this going to work, or do I have to do it from my wordpress admin panel? I know it takes 24-48 hours to populate on the web and it has only been about 18 hours since I forwarded it, but it would be nice to know now if it is going to work or has to be redone.

    Bisogno Scotti

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are doing a domain forwarding from your hosting website, then you don't have to any setting changes from dashboard.

    This setting existing if you intend to buy domain mapping upgrade from Check this support document

  3. FYI,

    As far a I know Domain masking may impact your SEO

  4. I guess I am ok then. I am still seeing in my browser so I guess that means that has not populated on the web yet. I'll just have to be patient and wait for it to happen.

    I didn't realize that masking would affect SEO. The main reason I wanted my own .com was to get rid of "wordpress" in my address. I'll look into that.

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Bisogno Scotti

  5. Oops! That should have been above.

  6. very informative - i`m learning so much here granted its little by little

  7. @webmistress27
    The best approach to learning how to use software that I have found is reading and re-reading the support documentation until you are familiar with it. The search utility in the support documentation is quite good but the one in the forum leaves a lot to be desired.

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