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    I have been attempting (for 5 days now) to redirect my domain name FROM WordPress TO Squarespace. I have followed every direction exactly, with no results. I have worked with the support teams on both ends, but with no helpful results. When contacting WordPress for support, I have been sent to the same generic pages again and again telling me how to map my domain under the Upgrades—>Domains page. I have expressed my concern and frustration to the “Happiness Engineer” and asked for more assistance, to which I am met with ambivalence. Obviously, the directions that I am receiving from Support are not effective, otherwise I would not continue to send support requests.
    IS IT POSSIBLE THAT ONE OF THE “HAPPINESS ENGINEERS” could map the domain for me and end this rigamarole (that is of me sending a support request, waiting 6-10 hours for a response, and then receiving a vague response)??? I would love to work with someone over the phone, but I see that that isn’t an option…I would greatly appreciate some help.
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is a peer support forum and we Volunteers answering questions here are your fellow bloggers. I’m so sorry this has happened but we don’t have any way to help you. Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs, only Staff do.



    Thanks for the information. I understand that you cannot help, but do you know who can? Is there any recourse? Or some way that I can contact support staff besides online? Somebody out there in the WordPress community has to know a way to get useful help from the support staff.


    @marybv1 I have replied to your support requests and fixed your DNS records for you.

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