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Domain mapping

  1. I recently moved my domain from the UK to an international service provider, and have changed the DNS settings at the other end accordingly and forwarded the domain to WP.
    The domain name is still the same and I haven't changed any settings with WordPress, but now cannot access my blog at all via the domain or wordpress at all - help! Do I need to set up the domain mapping again?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Can you tell us what the URL of your blog is?


    The domain I use is

    Thanks for replying so quickly! :-)

  4. I think you meant :) appears to be working properly.

    It can take domain changes up to 72 hours (though usually much less) to propagate to your ISP. Unfortunately, we have no control over this as it all depends on how often your ISP refreshes their DNS cache.

    Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  5. Yes, sorry! Lol... I only recently moved over to WordPress :-)

    I've already spoken to the ISP and all changes at that end have been validated. I still can't access the site though via the domain or wordpress. Any ideas as to why that could be - is it just me? I can access everything else and manage my posts, but can't view my blog.

  6. The old DNS info may be stuck in your local resolver cache.

    You could try clearing it manually:

  7. Thanks, I tried that but it didn't work. Any other ideas?

  8. My operating system is Tiger on Macbook :-)

  9. There are many levels of caching that can affect this - from your ISP and beyond. Note that DNS changes can take up to 72 to become fully active across the whole Internet.

    From where I am, I can load your blog successfully at - it's probably just a matter of time until you'll be able to see it too.

    For now, you can either change the primary domain back to the default, or you can just wait it out.

    Note that you can always access your site's dashboard here, regardless of domain mapping:

  10. Ok, I'll wait and see. Thanks for your help!

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