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    I have placed my domain to point towards and have already paid the 10credits. However it is still not showing. Why?


    oh and one more thing, i only have two name servers, how do i add the third one?



    It takes time for your registrar and the rest of the name servers on the internet to change the domain to point to Once the nameservers changes take place, you will be able to add the domain in the Upgrades section. I have had domains seen by and added to my blog long before the actual changes were seen by the internet provider that I use to connect to the internet!

    First thing, I would keep trying to add the domain in your wordpress admin. It can take some time. As for the 3rd name server, if your registrar only allows you to point at 2, not 3, that will still work.




    I signed up for domain mapping for two new blogs of mine. Put in the correct NS in gandi, paid the 10 credits, but nothing is happening. I’ve done domain mapping for 4 of my blogs already and it usually works quite fast.

    It seems like something is wrong here.

    Also, I get an alert saying my “Domain mapping” paid upgrade is going to expire. I checked the blogs I’m admin on, and one of them was indeed close to expiration. It’s been renewed (not by me) but I still get the alert.




    funnyumbrella – if it is not working, what is the domain name?

    steph – go to
    Put the domain name in the Whois box, then click to see the result.
    Does it show our nameservers?



    Ok, so what if the wordpress NameServers show up, but my blog is still not showing?



    I’m having the same problem. I bought a domain name a few days ago through mydomain and the servers are set properly to wordpress.

    I entered my domain name for mapping here and the credits were paid but I don’t see the name showing up to be added.

    I also stupidly made a typo on my first attempt and paid $15 credits for an url I don’t want. DOH! I entered the proper url and was charged $10 but don’t see either of the names.



    Any reason why Domain mapping would just stop working after it starts working? My blog finally propagated after a whole weekend; however it’s not working anymore. Any thoughts?



    Going to your blog it’s

    Is that not the right one?



    Yea but for some reason it keeps going up and down… I don’t get it. But yea that’s it.



    I am trying to use domain mapping and I am getting extremely strange behavior.

    my site is and when I navigate to that site the icon in the firefox tab is the refreshing icon.

    When I click on the links on pages, they display the wordpress link but the page is navigated to This is not what I expected at all.

    the website does not behave like this. Any ideas?



    It ended up taking the better part of 2 weeks before all my domain mapping finally started to work correctly. I’m not sure why it took so long, but now I’m not having any issues regarding my problems.



    Hi there

    How and where can I pay for credits so that I can do my domain mapping?




    Through Paypal. Go to your Upgrades page and select the Domain upgrade and you should be able to do it through there.

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