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Can you help me mapp a domain?

  1. alexandreminami

    Hi. I purchased a domain in Brazil:, but I can´t include the Master, Slave1 and Slave2 DNS´s. It´s appearing the following message:
    [] Data management policy violation: |Query refused:|Query refused:|Query refused:|

    The domain purchased:
    The blog address:

    Please, can you help me?

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Blog url:

  2. Some registrars require that we setup a zone record on our side first before you can change the name servers.

    I've added a zone record for to the servers for you. Can you please try updating the DNS again now?

  3. alexandreminami

    Wow! Thanks a lot!
    Now I was able to changed the DNS values!

    Thanks a lot!

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