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Domain Mapping (also moving from to

  1. Right now I have a blog. I've always thought that, in the future (when I can afford it), I'd like to move this over to a WP installation under my own domain (i.e. a blog).

    Recently I've been thinking maybe there's something mid-way I could do now - something more affordable than paying for hosting - where I could register my desired DN and direct it to my blog. That way I could start using my desired DN in promotional materials and conversation. (It's easier to remember and shorter than my current address, which has "wordpress" tacked on at the end.)

    The thing is I don't want to negatively affect my blog's Google indexing/page rank, and I don't to disrupt any traffic.

    So, I've been leafing through the support docs, but I have some questions:

    It seems like the thing to do for now would be to pay for the Domain Registration & Mapping upgrade.

    Apparently traffic would then be automatically redirected from my current DN to my new DN. Good, that takes care of traffic (assuming the redirect continues so long as I pay for the upgrade, and doesn't stop after a prescribed period - is this the case?), but what about indexing? How does this automatic redirect work? Is it a 301? Will Google "punish" me for this?

    What about in the future when I move my content over to a WP installation and transfer my domain to a different registrar? Will I encounter any traffic or indexing problems at that time? Will there be a way for me to continue at that time the redirect from my old DN to my new DN, or will that be cancelled when I transfer the domain?

    Thanks so much.

  2. Hi. This thread discusses the impact of using the domain mapping option on your Google ranking:

    If you decide to have your own WordPress.ORG installation one day, you can purchase the offsite redirect option:

    And yes, both options work under a 301 redirect.

    Hope it helps :-)

  3. This is because the Google Page Rank and Technorati authority and rank belong to the root blog ie. the original blog.

  4. @airodyssey Thanks those links answer all my questions.

    @timethief I'm not sure I understand - what's "this" in "this is because"?

  5. The new domain for a while will have zero page rank, so anything new posted on that domain will start out in the basement until the page rank from the old URL completely transfers over to the new. Generally figure on 3-6 months.

  6. Yes, I understand - that's what it said on the link airodyssey provided.

  7. Good. Very best widhes to you. :)

  8. "wishes" ( i hate this keyboard!)

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