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    I used to have a site and didn’t realise that I couldn’t put affiliate links on it so it was shut down.

    If I upgrade and use domain mapping, so the site url is etc, can I then put my affiliate links on there? Sorry but I can’t find the answer to this anywhere.




    P.S. I have tried to figure out download, but don’t know FTP and code enough to try it.



    No, with domain mapping your blog would still be hosted here at wordpress.COM and all the terms of service and all the restrictions would still apply.

    If you want affiliate links and advertising you are going to either have to self-host your blog on a web host or move to another blogging platform that allows advertising.

    With self-hosting, you have to buy a domain name, hire a web host, install the wordpress.ORG software and then export your stuff from here and import it into the new blog. Any problems or troubleshooting with the installation, or later on, you will have to solve. Also, you will have to do all backups, upgrades and such yourself. If you are not afraid of the web and have at least a little experience with the backend goings on with websites and such, then you should be alright.

    Self-hosting will cost anywhere from $7 per month to $50 or more depending on how much bandwidth and storage you need, and if you happen to get one of your posts “digged” then I’ve known people who have burnt through their entire months bandwidth allotment in a week or two and then they have to buy more bandwidth to get their blogs back online.

    And unless you are getting over 5000 hits per month, don’t expect to make more than the price of a scone and a designer coffee per month.


    Most people I know that have advertising on their blogs and get less than 10,000 hits per month don’t even pay for their hosting fees typically.



    Thanks thesacredpath

    I don’t really put them on there to make money as I know that it doesn’t really work unless you have loads of visitors. It is more because they are linked to passions that I have and I am explaining about them.

    I think the one that got my last blog shut down was an amazon link to a book one of my client’s wrote. I wrote a blog about it to help him out and promote it a bit more.

    I will look into a bit more and try and figure it out. Is there anywhere I can learn about FTP and how to use it?


    Try googling. I’m sure there are some good explanations of it out there. It isn’t that much different from moving files around on your computer. Most FTP clients are now drag-and-drop. I’m on Mac and use CyberDuck because it is quick and the interface is very clean. Filezilla I’m not too fond of. The icons they use for the different functions make no sense to me and I find it very unintuitive. Windows FTP clients (other than Filezilla) I’m not familiar with.

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