Domain mapping and Email accounts

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    Since mapping my domains to my Word Press blog, I’ve learned that my domain email address no longer works. I have two domains, and, and they both direct to my blog (pardon the swearing) My email address is attached to the domain. It no longer works.

    Is there a way I can direct / map my domains to my blog OTHER than using the DNS addresses, so my email will still work? I’ve been in contact with my domain support people, and they have advised that if were able to redirect using the A record instead of DNS, I would be able to use my email again.


    The blog I need help with is


    This is what my domain company (Pair) have written to me:

    There would be a way to do this, permitted that WordPress allows you to
    point your domain to their servers with an A record like Tumblr. You could
    switch your nameservers to point back to Pair, and then use the following
    workaround to forward all traffic to the IP address since we do not allow A
    records for the root level domain.


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