Domain Mapping and Network Solutions’ Advanced DNS Manager

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    I know WordPress FAQ says to change the Nameservers in order to map a domain I own onto my blog. I know it says that I will not be able to use the email or other features from my domain unless I point a subdomain to my blog instead. BUT….

    Network Solutions’ DNS Manager Advanced Tools seems to allow me to split the www and email mapping without using supdomains. I tried using the IP of one of WordPress’ Nameservers but this didn’t work because I couldn’t get past the “Add a Domain” page since it said the Nameserver’s weren’t changed.

    Is anyone familiar with this problem, or know for sure that this method will not allow me to use -> myblog AND (email redacted)




    Won’t work. You would have to get’s nameservers to assign the MX and staff won’t allow that. It would be too easy to abuse.

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