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Domain Mapping and Redirect

  1. Hi, I will be purchasing the domain mapping upgrade as I've purchased a domain name for my blog (but want to stay with But I don't want to lose the SEO I currently have for my blog. Does the domain mapping upgrade send traffic from Google (or other) searches on older posts to my new domain name?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your old links should still work - visitors that get to your site with the old link will see the new URL -

    redirect is only needed if you are moving off WordPress.COM and going to a new URL or address.

  3. morteniversen82

    What about the RSS feed? It will still work?

  4. If the RSS feed at the new host follows the format __/feed (__ being your domain name), it should be fine.

  5. morteniversen82


  6. I just put in the rss feed string for my site that is domain mapped and the redirect to the mapped site URL feed was automatic. ( turned into with no errors and no pain)

  7. morteniversen82

    Thanks, just brought my domain yesterday and will buy domain mapping next week. I'm a bit nervous for my subscribers and google index.

  8. morteniversen82

    Last question:

    If I have my own domain and site at and then one day want to host by myself... how much will I then loose (pictures, settings, google-credit, text, categories ect....)?


  9. @morten: If your URL and all of your addresses (for your different posts, pages, etc.) stay the same, there is no impact on your Google ranking.

    More general information about moving to here:

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