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Domain mapping and small companies' blogs

  1. Hi,
    I've been asked about this and haven't been able to find anything on the foruns or the TOS ( Can a (small) company make use of a free wordpress blog to promote it's activities - I'm talking about a blog where someone talks about his daily work life, offers information and interacts with customers not a sales blog or a tool (for SEO)?

    I was thinking of recommending the domain mapping services as I see it as the best value for small companies/enterpreneurs that do not have the ability to install software and don't want to pay for it/and for the updates. Is it possible within the TOS?

  2. Yes. Provided the blog is not being used to drive traffic to third party sites and there is no advertising there is no problem with what you are proposing
    Section 2, bullet 5

    Happy blogging :)

  3. Thanks for your reply. I thought so, but wanted to double check before I give advise. It's such a great deal!

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