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    The more I search and research this the more confused I seem to get.

    I have the domain, purchased last year for my static site through, and currently hosted at, I have my email address set up with them too. Short statement is that I want to map my domain and use current email.

    Here’s more details as to what I want to do and questions:

    I’d like to map my domain to my new, current WP blog address thus eliminating my static site. At Directnic they say I can switch the hosting function with DirectDNS basic and map the domain to the blog address. But that I’d need … well this is what their tech support said, “The information for the A and MX you would need to get from the other hosting company; the company you want to map the domain to.”

    Now, this is what I take away from WP support: It says. “If you’ve mapped a domain to your blog, you can use Custom DNS records to make your domain compatible with other services not hosted at, such as an email provider. Before you begin changing the records, please make sure you have the required information from your service provider.”


    “You can enter Custom DNS records into the text form at the top of this page. Custom DNS accepts A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records.”

    So what is EVEN the first step?? Do I map from current domain host with DirectDNS? Where do I get the records? WP says from hosting company … Directnic says from company I want to map to. Either this is a funky catch-22 or I’m just lame. Ok. Probably the latter. Go easy on me….

    The blog I need help with is


    Take a look at this support document on setting up email to go with your mapped domain name.


    I’m sorry tsp you’re always on with my questions, but in this instance I’m not seeing where this doc deals with this issue.

    I did though see something here: This is the warning:

    “Warning: when you change the name servers, any custom DNS records such as A, CNAME, or MX records will stop working. Specifically, this can mean that any email addresses you have on this domain (such as (email redacted)) may stop working once the mapping is complete. To continue using them, you’ll need to enter new Custom DNS records once you have set up your domain on We recommend you prepare the relevant information in advance, before you start the domain mapping. Alternatively, you can map to a subdomain, which doesn’t require changing the name servers and will not effect any custom DNS records.”

    I still don’t know where to start. Map via current host, Directnic, and change DNS records on WP by editing custom DNS? Or map via custom upgrade on WP. But even then what are the DNS records and where do I locate them? Prepare them in advance?? I’m not getting this at all.



    Jeez! Sorry. Answered with another account.


    I’m sorry, I gave you the wrong link. Give this one a try.

    I can see the old term I was using for searches is going to have to be changed.



    You can also use your old host for email, you need to make some changes here, but you will need the information from where you will be using as your email host. It was a bit tricky as WordPress.COM uses a bit different format than my old host was used to.

    Change the info to suit – the numbers went back to the static IP for my old site.

    A mail
    MX 10

    I have the same query as Enchanted Island. I don’t know what info I need to gather to update the “Custome DNS” to ensure the email addresses linked to the existing domain work?



    @TSP so if I understand your suggestion correctly … forget the current hosting path and go down the google apps path via the sacred pa… ah you saw it coming. IOW, make it simple. Right?

    @auxclass I think I have the broad, general idea. I’m yet lost enough to not know these: “…you need to make some changes here..” and “Change the info to suit…” So if I use current host (not Google apps) what’s the best way to go about that? What’s … my … next … step….?



    When I moved my two sites, I went to my host and ask about keeping them as my email provider and they came up with a price and said I would need to change some records at WordPress.COM, my old host sent me the two records that needed to be added at WordPress.COM in the Domain mapping section, I did need to get the information translated to what is shown in the two records above (there was a formatting difference between my host and WordPress.COM, a little help from the Staff here and things started working).

    You will need to get the proper information from your email host. My old site had a static IP address so there might be a change there if you host uses a dynamic address. I found the Staff here to be quite helpful when I got stuck.

    Good luck


    Auxclass – thanks for your reply, do you know what records I am asking my email host to provide?



    Thank you auxclass. I’ve a request in to my current host to see if they will provide the DNS records that I’d need for this.

    Still considering that the Google Apps option may be the more efficient way to proceed. Can anyone provide their thoughts on that? How well it worked?



    I just ask “what do I need to do to make it work” and they emailed me the A & MX records. I think I remember seeing some variations on what I did but I can’t remember the details. Your host should be where you start as they should know how to have things routed to their mail servers that match your site.

    I was not able to figure out the Google Apps thing but I have seen other that did make it work, @airodesy I think has the links bookmarked that would help you a bit and I think that WordPress.COM has updated the support documents recently.


    Thanks for this. I didn’t the Support documents helpful – they say to “gather the relevent info” but don’t tell you what this is.
    I’ll try my email host again.



    Ok, after 2 more rounds of questions with my host this is what I’ve gotten: “You do not need to change the domain’s MX records since the domain is already using our MX records. You will only need to create the DNS record to map the domain to the other host’s servers.”

    Well, unfortunately that didn’t help and I’m still without an understanding as to how this works.

    Have viewed the Google apps approach. Am choosing this path as it shows the most comprehensive, step-by-step approach. Makes sense. Well, we’ll see….



    Your old host sounds messed up. I had to create the Custom DNS records as I noted above with information I received from my old host. If you host is not willing to give you the information that seems to me they should then I don’t have much more advice other than to ask the Staff here for a second opinion and see if they can help.



    Thank you auxclass! I have one last question into them for specifics. Of course, there could be some issues with the way I initiate the questions! ;-)

    But I appreciate the link and your direction.



    Good luck

    Once I collected the correct information things went well and I am still using my old host for my email. The information needs to come from your host but the records created from that information need to be done here, yes a bit confusing I guess.



    Whoa! It worked!!! I mapped via WP upgrade, followed the instructions for setting up Google app email. Directions lacked on a couple of items/steps but where it did, esp toward the end, was able to go through Google’s support docs and then set up my Outlook. Running like a charm.

    It only took a couple of hours yet I still have some hair left! ;-)

    Thanks TSP and AC for hanging in there with me.



    You be welcome – glad you got your email back


    friendlyfish and auxclass,
    It looks like you solved the problem. Would either of you be able to help me–I have a very similar situation. Here’s my problem, though: when I mapped my domain and pointed my servers to WP a week ago, they became (according to and a few others) the new host for my email, too. My previous email host can’t access any of my records, and emails since then have been bouncing as if the address never existed.

    What’s worse is that in the last week, WP’s 24/7 support hasn’t been any help at all. I haven’t heard from them in days.

    I tried Google Apps, but I can’t get my email to forward to gmail . . . so that’s no help.

    Any suggestion?? What I think I need is to get WordPress to acknowledge that they have my email.

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