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    I’m a blogging newbie. I purchased a domain and hosting service with godaddy for my untouched website

    I have a two part question:
    1) Do I have to purchase domain mapping service in order to take off the part of an address?
    2) If I do have to purchase this, should I ask godaddy for a refund for the hosting or domain and transfer stuff to you?

    I purchased this site to LEARN how to set up basic websites and blogs, so I don’t mind doing things the hard way. However, I realized the first day that I wasn’t ready to create my own html website from scratch. :P




    Hi Melissa. To get a WordPress website at you basically have two options:

    – hosting your website at WordPress.COM and buying the domain mapping option (for an annual fee). That’s, in my opinion, the easiest option:

    – hosting your website elsewhere (such as GoDaddy hosting) and installing WordPress.ORG. It’s a big step. Here’s an article about the process:

    If you go for the domain mapping option, yes, that will replace your “” address with the one of your domain name at, and you would not need any hosting at GoDaddy.

    If you are unfamiliar with the difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG, here’s a good article:

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