Domain Mapping – – is that possible?

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    Hi there. I’m doing a few tests, trying to learn the system before I go live with my actual blog, and I have read this support document ( and am still having trouble understanding if it is possible to set-up my blog so that instead of seeing for example:

    I can have it

    FYI: I already own my own .com site for what I want to use.

    Also, can you have it either way as:
    – OR –

    and can I do that in wordpress and what’s really the difference between where the “blog” part of the name comes in, is there and advantage or disadvantage to either way?

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    There’s no need to have a blog part in your domain. will work just fine, if it isn’t already taken.
    Also is easily done by redirecting all incoming traffic to to

    Good luck!

    Lora @



    Check out the documentation on the Support site about domain mapping.



    @samanthaspirit-Sorry-didn’t fully read your question. You can’t map a blog to a subdirectory, only a subdomain.

    Also, if you want to use your domain for your email, don’t map your blog to Check out the support documentation regarding email too.


    Thanks, I did read that support document but still didn’t understand which is why I posted my question.

    hmm, I appreciate the replies, but I’m not quite sure I still get it though.

    What is the difference between a subdirectory vs. a subdomain?


    Moderator is a subdomain is a subdirectory



    Hm. Seems I was mistaken about that redirecting thingy then…?
    I’m sorry.


    No worries lorawow, and thanks just jennifer….my follow-up question is which is better, a subdomain or a subdirectory? I guess I’m wondering also what the titles of the pages would be, if there is any preference in terms of coming up in searches and web traffic, etc.



    You can’t map a subdirectory so a subdomain is better.

    Please call me Lora


    Thanks :-)

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