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Domain mapping broken????

  1. HELP!!

    I paid for domain mapping yesterday to set to , yet it appied itself to my main blog at

    The docs say I should see a 'manage domains' link in options> domains but I cannot see it.

    I really need this set up asap.

    Also, new new blog (podcastdotcom) does not show up in my dashbaord dropdown list?

    Please can I get some help? As I have now paid money for a service which is NOT working as intended.


  2. OK. Someone must have been listening ;) The domain mapping seems to be OK now - but I still dont see on my dashboard dropdown while at - they are on the same login

    Also, when I go to, it does redirect to the new blog, but the url changes to the url. What do I need to do to retain the desired url?

    I have added the CNAME to point to wordpress. ?

    thank you for listening.

  3. Just to say : naturally I don't want to point the whole domain dns to ns1/2. - just the subdomain 'blog'

    Does this mean I cannot avoid the url changing to when someone hits without changing nameserver?

    Or is there a special CNAME record over the one I have added?


  4. OK, I'm lost.

    What's the URL of the domain you're trying to use and what's the URL of the wordpress blog?

    You're throwing around names here.

  5. hi. ok:

    I want to mirror

    This appears to work when hitting , but then the url changes to - and all links within.

    I don't see what I have paid for? I could have made that happen without paying WP, surely?

    I would like all links etc be to 'within'

    Is this possible with just a subdomain? Or do I need to point the whole domain's nameservers to wordpress? - which naturally I cannot do, without breaking our whole site! ;)


  6. Suggestion - When someone tells you that you're confusing them and they're asking for more information, answer their question and don't ramble. :)

    Well, mirror is something else than mapping. That's when you post to both sites seperately. That's what I did with and

    Looks like everything is setup correctly actually. You're just missing one simple step. Go Dashboard -> Upgrades -> Domains. You should see both URLs listed there. The one and the You should see a link labeled "Put Blog here" to the right of the Click on that link.

    You just haven't told the system which URL to use as the master one.

    Hope this helps,

  7. 1. Thanks mike.
    2. You rock
    3. It works!!

    3.1: Sorry :)

    3.1.1: I answered then rambled - to add some 'soul' ;)

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