How do I cancel domain mapping?

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    I have deleted the domain map, which redirected this wordpress site to – a domain registered with our hosting account.

    When redirecting the url through our host, the redirect would not stick and it seemed natural that this domain map was the cause.

    I have deleted the domain map, but now when visiting my url ( I get the following error message: “WARNING! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in to and go to the Domain Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.”

    I just want this site unlinked from the ‘blog.refuge..’ url- how did this error come up?

    Please advise…

    Thank You, David
    Blog url:



    OK! You need to remove the CNAME record you set with your domain registrar when you first purchased the domain mapping.

    You’re seeing this notice because the CNAME record is pointing the domain at your blog, but we have no corresponding domain mapping record (as you removed it).


    Thanks so much Hanni, was able to clear up the CNAME quickly.

    Is is possible to have visitors to redirected to our new WP-blog, which is a self-hosted WP.ORG version? We will no longer be updating the .COM version.

    Thank You, David


    You can use our Site Redirect upgrade to do just that, without losing any of your existing permalinks.


    Thanks for the info.
    Since I’ve already purchased the domain mapping for the account- can’t this just be transferred as a site redirect for the remaining period (its good through March 2010 I believe) ?

    Thank You, David



    Unfortunately, upgrades can’t be changed. They can only be canceled and refunded within the refund period.

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