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    I would rather be talking to a WP support tech, but since there is no one on staff to talk to me for another ten days, which is infuriating, I was directed to post on the message board.

    I doubt anyone can help me with this, as it’s a payment issue, but I wanted to have a record that I complained about it.

    I was charged an upgrade fee for domain mapping to extend my blog another year. However, I haven’t actively posted on this blog since late 2010. The co-founder of the blog was notified that if we didn’t want to continue use of the blog we didn’t have to take further action.

    I don’t use WP much and I can’t remember where to go to access the page to set up card payment. I would like a refund and for the blog to be shut down, but I need tech to do that. In the meantime, can someone direct me to the page to remove my card info? Any help would be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    Update: I found out how to disable auto-renew.

    However, my set was set to renew on September 1, and I was billed yesterday.

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    Dashboard >> Store – then you will see upgrades you are subscribed to and you can disable the auto renew,

    Then click on “Domains” and disable the Auto Renew for Domain Mapping.

    We recommend that you don’t delete a blog in case you want to use the WordPress.COM name or get any of the content out or look at it. If you don’t want others to view the blog just set it to Private and everyone is locked out.

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Privacy

    You can request a refund from the staff

    Here’s the email address Be sure you include all details.

    Please reference this thread to establish the time you wanted a refund



    We actually auto-renew the domain upgrades as month early, as something as simple as a declined card could result in the loss of your domain and damage to your brand if we waiting until the due date to renew.

    I have canceled and refunded your domain as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

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