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Domain mapping - deletion of sites

  1. Please help me I'm at my wits end - io've tried sorting this domain problem out and its gone wrong - i now have 2 blogs registered,neither mapped to my domain and one of them need deleting and i cant do it - i cant change the primary domain on the other and so I've cancelled the service twice now only to try again!]

  2. Hi there,

    I see you had bought a Business Plan and the domain,, and then you installed some plugins on that site.

    You also did the same for another site with the domain

    You cancelled the Business Plan on both those sites, but now you've bought it for a third site, again adding the domain,

    Are you trying to delete the two sites where you cancelled the Business Plan? To do that we'll first need to switch them back to how they were before you added plugins, and to do that I'll first need to reconnect the two domains to those sites.

    Please confirm if I should go ahead and fix both sites so you're able to delete them. I will need to restore the .blog domain temporarily, but then I can cancel it again if you no longer want it.

    That will leave your site,, with the domain, and the Business Plan.

  3. Yes please do anything you can to help!

  4. Okay. I'll need to temporarily disconnect your .com domain from your current site. Please don't do anything to any of the sites until I reply here again. It might take a while for the domains to update before I'll be able to restore the sites to how they were originally.

  5. That's wonderful thankyou

  6. Okay, you should be good now.

    It will now be possible to delete and, or you can just set the sites to private if you want to hold on to the free addresses for future use. has the Business Plan and a domain mapping upgrade for

    Before you now install a plugin or custom theme on that site as well, can you tell me a bit about what you're trying to do? Maybe you don't need those extra features and a simple Business Plan, or maybe even Premium Plan site will be sufficient for you.

    You're also welcome to start a live chat with us where you can tell us about your goals for the site, then we can help figure out the best course of action from here. You can start a live chat via this link:

  7. That's wonderful I can't thank you enough!
    Truly happy for your help.
    I was trying to change 123-reg dns when it all went Pete tong!
    I needed premium simply for extra layout capabilities

  8. If all you need is the extra customization options, then Premium might be sufficient for you rather than Business. You can see the difference between the two plans at My Site ->Plans.

    Let me know if I should help you downgrade, but if you're happy with keeping Business that's fine.

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