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    I’ve just bought domain mapping for $10 on my site so that we could have the name linked to this blog address. Everything worked fine. I bought the $10 of credits and mapped the domain (which I bought separately). Everything was working fine.

    Today I checked the site and the domain mapping has disappeared and WordPress are asking for ANOTHER $10 in order to map it. They say I can have the domain name but I need to pay for it. I’ve literally only just paid $10 (two weeks ago) I still have the receipt!

    What’s going on? any ideas?



    Contact support using the link in your dashboard. We are mostly volunteers here in the forums and don’t have backend access.


    Yep, have done that. Don’t seem to be getting a reply….



    Contacting support is your best recourse. Do it repeatedly if required. They’re the only ones who can fix it. Give them all details including receipt numbers.


    Have you gotten a response wimbornevideoclub? I am pretty much in the same boat. paid about 3 weeks ago, and not it just seems to redirect to the wordpress subdomain.


    No I haven’t I’m STILL waiting… have you had any luck???



    What are the URLs? What is the new one, which isn’t working for you?


    They are in the first post above. is the normal blog address, domain mapped to: which is the URL which isn’t working (which I have paid for and was working fine only a week ago!)




    I wonder if this makes a difference:

    Although it shouldn’t; it should just redirect to the no-W’s site automatically.



    Nope, no difference.

    Who did you purchase the name from in the first place? I wonder if there’s a tug of war between them and WP or the nameservers have been switched by someone else or something.


    When I put the domain name into WordPress, it says I can have it (and it will work) if I pay another $10 but I’ve only just paid $10, so I guess I will have to wait for support to come back to me. I purchased the domain from reg-123. Looks like I’m not the only one with the problem…ritewingfascist seems to have a similar problem. Thanks for trying to help raincoaster

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