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    Hi guys,

    I setup a blog and have redirected my 123-reg domain to it by changing the DNS server names. It works fine, but now my emails from 123-reg have stopped working. I spoke to them and they told me I need to get an IP address from A Records from WordPress and then they can fix it, but I’ve read that re-directing the website this way is not reliable. Now I’ve also read on these support forums that I could get the MX settings from the email provider, which are: – priority: 20 – priority: 10

    And then I can set up custom DNS. I have no idea how to do all of this, so can someone please help. I built and did all the custom CSS but all this technical side is blowing my brain!

    The website is

    Many many thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. When you go to Upgrades > Domains > Custom DNS, do you see a section called “Record formats”? That tells you how to enter the information (and in which order).

    MX <pref> <host>.

    The information can also be found here:

    So logically, this means that your MX records should go like this:

    MX 20 MX1.123-REG.CO.UK.
    MX 10 MX0.123-REG.CO.UK.




    It works now, thanks so much!



    You’re welcome :-)

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