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Domain mapping error

  1. Hey

    (sorry for possible cross-posting - I realized I posted in wrongly in the first place)

    I own and want my blog there. So i registred your nameserves with my administrator, bought credits and clicked 'put blog here.' But it doesn't seem to work.

    My administrator does not want me to delete his NS - could that be a reason? Other ideas?

    In the administration of my DNS, I have to put in an "A record." Now, I have this as an URL-forward from to When I put my blog on though WordPress, what should the A record be? There is also something called C NAME - should that be changed too?

    I ran the DNS-lookup too. Here are the results: A IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 NS IN 43200 A IN 360 A IN 43200 A IN 43200 A IN 43200 A IN 43200

    Right now, I switched back to, obviously.



  2. As I understand, you want to be hosted here at If that is so, the only nameservers that should be attached to the domain should be the three ones. And you should be doing this with your domain registar, not any host. All you need to do is modify your data at your registar and point them to use the nameservers here.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Yearh, that helps. But does that mean that when my registrar does not want me to delete the other, I will need to find another registrar?


  4. Well I hate to say yes but I'm trying to figure out if there's some reason why they would want to keep them in there. I can't think of any myself. I'm also not showing in there. Link

    You;ve said both admin (which usually means a host or webmaster) and registar (the one you pay to register your domain) here. Which is it?

  5. I don't see any reason why to leave them in there. I say remove them and put in's nameservers. if there is a reason, you can always put them back in afterwards.

    The only thing I can think of is if their nameservers were secondary or backups.

  6. It's my registar who does not allow me to delete his own name servers but it is possible to add new ones.

    So it looks as if I have to find antoher registar for my domain. I've deleted wordpress' nameserves right now because having both in there made the site dysfuctional.

  7. My registar says that I can't use your name-servers, because they are not recognized by He says that I need some details on the setup, so that I can set-up the site from him. I've asked him which ones.

  8. I need to know how to set my records in the DNS-setup, that is, the A-record, and perhaps the CNAME-record, too. Is that possible?

    As far as I understand this means that I can't use the domain mapping service for .dk-domains. Do you agree?

    Too bad I had to pay 15$ to find out.

  9. At this point you should probably get in touch with staff as i assume you have done everything listed here:

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