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    A year ago I bought my own domain name and at the time, purchased the name & domain mapping from WP. In Feb, I moved to a .org site and had to move the domain name because I was not able to change some records they needed changed thru I still have my mapping here and just got an email that it is expiring on Sep 6. I had read that it was better to do the site redirect than the mapping and thought I would switch now. The site redirect wasn’t available when I purchased my stuff. If I pull up the site redirect to purchase that, it looks like the will be what gets redirected, not – I copied what was on the screen below.

    Is it possible to purchase the site redirect to keep the forwarding or I am stuck doing the domain mapping?

    Site Redirect
    Have you decided to take your site and host it yourself? Have you recently changed your blog address? If you don’t want to lose the traffic to your address, the Site Redirect upgrade will forward all traffic to your new location.

    To begin your Site Redirect upgrade purchase, enter the URL below to which you want your blog traffic to redirect.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there,

    You can go ahead and purchase the Site Redirect upgrade for the blog and ignore the verbiage in the description–it says “” as that’s the primary domain on your blog.

    Once you’ve purchased your Site Redirect, let me know, and I’ll remove the domain mapping from your account so there’s no further confusion.




    Thank you. I am going to do it tomorrow when I am awake! If I did it today, I would screw something up. I appreciate your help and I will let you know when I do it.



    There many of us who have domain mapping to sites hosted elsewhere. Would you care to expand on what the advantage is or what the advantages are of purchasing a site redirect upgrade, and asking Staff to do what you agreed to do above?



    to = for

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