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    My site, which started as wordpress blog, maps through to the website I’ve done this for years, but am now having the site professionally redesigned and rebuilt professionally, which will mean I won’t manage it through wordpress directly anymore. Can I still using the domain mapping feature as before so that ‘your health your life’ still goes through to

    The blog I need help with is



    Sounds like you are changing hosts, it you are changing hosts then you will point the name servers to your new host, your new host will do the equivalent of Domain Mapping but it will be built into the cost of the hosting. At that point you don’t need to buy domain mapping from WordPress.COM

    Are you moving to a WordPress.ORG install (the one being designed by the Pro)?

    Also if the Pro was any good they should have explained these details to you some time ago.


    Thanks for your answer, yes I am moving to – I haven’t spoken to the developer about this specifically but have also posed the question there, so maybe as you say, they will help to manage this.



    You be welcome

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