domain mapping gives “forbidden” error

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    I “think” I’ve followed all the directions for forwarding my wordpress blog to my previously-owned domain–renamed DNS servers, purchased the $10 credits, added my domain under settings–>domains, checked the propogation, clicked “put blog here,” and added google apps for email. Everything seems to be working fine EXCEPT that when I type it DOES forward to (my domain) but I don’t see my blog–I see an error screen. Any ideas?



    I just tried it and had no problem getting to your site. Try clearing your cache and cookies and restarting your browser.


    Still a no-go. I even tried a different computer! I can’t even access my blog through the wordpress login–> “go to site.” Can anyone else see my blog?



    absolutely. Sometimes it takes longer to disseminate to other areas of the internet, so you might just reside in one of the slow-updating regions. It works fine for me. Check again in the morning to see what happens. If there are problems still, contact staff via your dashboard Support button.


    Okay, so now it seems I can get to my blog, but my address still gives an error/forbidden. When I click “put blog here” one way, I can get to forward to (which shows the error/forbidden), but not the other way around (clicking it again does not seem to forward to



    Is your actual domain being forwarded / redirected?


    It doesn’t seem like it is being forwarded. I changed the DNS server names on my registrar, and checked with them ( and they seemed to think that would be sufficient and that I should check with But I don’t see anything happening. As I said above, if I click “put blog here” forwards to, but only to the “forbidden” blank screen. However, if I click again, no forwarding seems to occur.


    Okay…so it took a while to propogate, but everything is up and running. Thanks, all for your help!

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