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Domain mapping has expired but is still working

  1. I do not really understand how domain mapping works on and am puzzled why it is still working for my site even though the domain mapping subscription has expired.

    I want the domain mapping to continue and will renew the domain mapping subscription if necessary in order for it to continue.

    However, why is it still working two months after the subscription expired?

    These are the two domains, a primary and an alias, still mapping to my site after domain mapping has expired:

    Best wishes,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Most registrars have a grace period where the registration has expired but they let the registration continue - you should renew at once if they have expired - after the first part of the "grace" period has passed the domain name goes into "Redemption" and it will cost you a lot more money to renew the domain name - also if a domain name expires someone else can grab the name and hold it hostage or take your customer base from you or put porn on the site - you are not registered with WordPress.COM so you should contact your registrar and renew (I like to keep things renewed ahead a bit)

    You should also check your domain mapping to make sure it is still OK and not getting ready to expire - that is with WordPress.COM (Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades)

  3. Hi auxclass - many thanks for the reply and the good advice. Afraid that I know to my cost about domain names being scooped up and then being offered back for sale at extortionate amounts and am not going to make that mistake again ;-(

    However, the issue here is different. My domain registration has not expired - just the domain mapping to I already owned the domain name when I set up the site at so I mapped the domain that I already owned to the site.

    Do you think that I am in a "period of grace" for that lapsed subscription and that is why it is still working?

    Best wishes,

  4. I don't know about any Grace period on the mapping but there might be - if the domain mapping has expired then please renew it before your students can't find your site - at some point - since domain mapping is per name - per year it will go away - no extra fees with domain mapping but a large pain in the rear when your students suddenly think you might have disappeared because your domain names no longer go to your web site.

  5. Thanks auxclass,

    There is a fee for domain mapping to though, not a lot but charges $12 per blog, per year, per domain mapped:

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