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    My Domain mapping has expired on the 21st of December. How can I ask for help to renew it?

    The blog I need help with is


    Member seems to work for me – is that the name you need to renew the mapping for?

    Look at the status of your upgrades at

    Dashboard >> Store >> My Upgrades – the renewal dates will be shown
    Dashboard >> Store >> Billing History to see what you have paid for


    I can’t find the store button on my wordpress site – so how do I know when my domain mapping needs re-newing

    Will I be send a email..?



    Since does not seem to be a WordPress.COM blog – you will not find a store button nor will WordPress.COM send you any email – you need to contact your Registrar and host to see what they will do


    Sorry I don’t understand.

    So you are saying I cannot pay for the domain mapping for my word sites anymore ..?

    I paid for them via word press before – I didn’t pay for my domain mapping/transfer with my registrar or host ?

    I am now very confused ..?

    I have three domains which I transferred/mapped to wordpress sites

    I also can’t seem to registar on the this forum via my .com sites


    Ahh I understand now what you mean

    Managed to log on to the forum with and that has a store button also my site

    but does not have a store button – I would like to pay for my mapping via wordpress in future how would I be able to do this..?



    You must be logged in under the exact same username account that registered a blog in order to purchase any upgrade for it.


    Ok I can see I can upgrade and because I see a store button.

    I however I do not see a store button for nobodys poodle.

    To be clear I can not upgrade in the future ( do a domain mapping) even though nobodyspoodle is a wordpress site is that correct…?

    Sorry to keep asking, just want to understand :)

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