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    I have purchased domain mapping. I would like my wordpress site ( to show up on my domain ( I would like the wordpress site to show up on When i map the as primary it shows up on the wordpress site address but when I update the wordpress site as primary domain then it doesn’t show up on Could this be due to the ’72 hours’ even though it seems i could control it the other way?

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like you need to set ( ) as primary – you might also need a zone record if you have not had one created already – best to ask staff about that – it can take 24 to 72 hours for all the changes to take place, typically changes start in a few hours. I will mark this for the staff to check – but please contact them directly.



    Hi – Thanks. Customer support has already added a zone to the name server configuration. And DNS at my domain have been redelegated. I have just set as primary….and now when I go to my wordpress URL it takes me to the old/existing site. I am trying to do the opposite. I want a user to go to and get my site.
    Thanks for your help.



    When I put in I end up on your site but with the part of the URL showing – so on the site you want but with the wrong URL showing – all I can suggest is that you give it a little while – there can be problems with local cache issues that can be very confusing – I moved one site and the cache kept me from seeing my new site but a friend that had never been to the site I moved could see it I think 18 hours ahead of me!



    thank you. i am trying to be patient. :-)
    When you put in and end up on the … is it the site with the big photo (food and table) that you see? If yes, then I can relax and will sit tight and wait for the caching to catch up here. thanks for your help.



    Here is what I see – sounds like what you want:



    I have one domaine and I can’t add to blog? The domain is not bought from wordpress. How I can to add the domain to blog? Where I can to pay for mapping?



    Please read the support documentation carefully and follow the instructions.



    Thanks for sending that, auxclass.


    Someone Please Help, My domain name expired and I use the wordpress url for now (i.e, it use to be, Someone has purchased the old domain, and is some how mapping some of my webpages/post to their generic site. How can I fix this??



    We Volunteers cannot help you. Please contact Staff. >



    I currently have a blog with WordPress under the title ‘’ and decided too use my own domain name ‘’ purchased with Lunar Pages in August 2010, under the WordPress upgrades ‘add a domain’. I followed all instructions, changed the name servers on my Lunar account and proceeded to make ‘’ my primary domain.

    In my understanding, my blog should remain the same but my url would be changed to ‘’ instead of ‘’.

    However, when anyone types in the url either ‘’ or ‘’ it automatically redirects to a Lunar Pages page.

    Is there anything you can suggest to fix this problem?
    It is very urgent that I fix this problem ASAP.

    Thank you!


    It will take a while for the propagation through the internet nameservers to take place. It can take anywhere from a few hours to as much as 24 or even 72 in rare instances. Typically it will happen in less than 24 though.

    I’m seeing your blog just fine, it is using the Kubrick theme, so the propagation has begun.

    One suggestion: With so many images, go to settings > reading and decrease the number of posts to show on a page to something like 3 or 5. A good number of people are still on dial up and slower broadband connection (under 1.5mbps) and they won’t wait for your site to load, they will just click away.


    Thank you for all your help!

    I’m sorry I posted it several times,
    I’ve been worried all day about the problem!
    Fingers crossed


    You are welcome.

    I can see it, and when I did a whois search on your domain name it shows the nameservers, so just be patient.

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