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Domain Mapping help

  1. I purchased through wordpress domain mapping so that my site was no longer but I have since let that subscription lapse and do not wish to renew at this time. Is there a way I can have all my old external/outside links to articles redirect back to my beyondthedpad.wordpress site?

    If so help... Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Buy your old domain and map it again - otherwise wait somewhere between 3 months and two years for search engines to clear their caches etc of your old domain name

  3. Well see, I don't want to map it again was just hopeful the links I put out there would redirect to is this not possible besides just waiting?

  4. Just wait - without the domain name active there is no way for anyone to be redirected to your base blog - as long as you keep making new Posts search engines will keep crawling your base site and sort of updating their info -

  5. Since you don't seem to be Posting on your old site it could be a long time before search engines figure out your site is still there - at a minimum you need to make a few new Posts so your old site tells the search engines you are there -

  6. I see - Thanks for the help auxclass.

  7. You could also register your site using Webmaster tools - that will also tell the search engines about your site

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