Domain Mapping, How do I add the 10 credits?`

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    Hey guys, I have my own domain and would like to map my blog to it.

    I have looked all over dashboard, searched the forums, and read the support pages on this and nowhere do I see a link to buy the 10 credits via PayPal.

    In my upgrades menu it has all the other upgrades listed except the domain options.

    When I try to add the domain it even tells me I need the credits but won’t show me where to get them.

    Am I missing an obvious link to paypal for this or is there a problem?

    Thanks ahead of time!

    The blog I need help with is



    same problem here!



    no way to buy 10 credits for Domain :-(
    is anybody home? ;-)


    I’m having the same problem. Talk about poor usability…



    Me toooo!!!






    I figured my problem!!!!! The reason I couldn’t get it to work was becoase the domain I was entering was not available. It tells you that it might be the reason, but I had no idea that if WP alowed you to have it with “wordpress” in it, it doesn’t mean it is available without it. I had to try it with a few changes and it worked. Then it gave me the option to buy the damn 10 points and actually register it.

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