Domain Mapping – How long does it take?

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    I have just completed the mapping change request. I paid via paypal.

    How long will it take for this mapping change to be active?


    The blog I need help with is


    It can take a few hours to as much as 72 for it to propagate throughout all the nameservers on the internet. How long it will be before you see the change depends on how often your ISP updates their nameserver caches. Some do it often and regularly and some not so much.

    What is the domain name you mapped?



    i have a blog with word press unpaid, and would like ot link it to my unpaid free website at wix however when following their instructions it would not let me do this. do i need to pay extra for mapping at either end of this link. if so were can i find out how to pay and is it a one of payment or a yearly payment.

    thanks for your help


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